Tuesday, February 09, 2010

(Maybe) Just A Little Bit of Heart Relieve

Dear Blog,

Hey, you. Long time no see. Well maybe more precisely, long time no write, hehe.

After this long-time-no-write moment, I just wanted to share what sometimes becomes a burden of mine. Sometimes i just feel tired of being myself. The "me" that makes me easy to get along with and to befriended with. But this "me" has made me lose one of my best friends. Maybe I can't write much here about how he became my best friend and how I lost him. Of course, I didn't lose him because he died. It's just that there's something going on between us. (Well it's not a "just" for me, but I think it's a "just" for him. I don't really know about it, though.) And this thing has been tiring for me very very much. Not tiring physically, but tiring emotionally.

I just feel tired to tell the whole story about it here. And maybe writing the whole story here will just hurt me more. So I hope just by writing here a little bit about my feeling would lessen a bit this wound and weariness. Amen.

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